Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jewelry supplies

Today I got some new crafting supplies in the mail. I ordered them about four weeks ago but as they come from Hong Kong that is not really a long shipping time. The products are really nice, I'm very happy with the quality and I have already sooo many ideas what to do with them. 

I got 12 glass pendants, 2 red pendants, 4 golden bases, 3 silver charms and 3 bronze charms. I immediately started to glue the red stones to one of the charms and to a base of a ring that I still had lying around.

I'm sooo excited to wear this combination for the first time, I think it adds a lot of elegance to a look because those two pieces remind me of old victorian jewelry.

My favourite piece of the whole bunch

Aaaaand some more

I want to make charms with people I admire such as Elizabeth I., Oscar Wilde or Marie Antoinette.

Have a great day, 

The Countess

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