Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A letter to your past

I have stumbled over the idea to write a letter to my younger self. I have seen this idea all over Youtube and thought I could give it a go myself. While many other people choose to write a letter to themselfs ten years ago I have decided not to go that far back for one single reason: 10 years ago I was 11 which means that I was basically a child. I had no idea who I wanted to be in the future, I am not even sure that I thought about the future or understood it as a concept. That's why I only go back five years in time.

Dear sixteen year old me:

First of all: Don't worry. Things do get better. This time is the worst of your life but gthat means that your future is going to be amazing. You have just made an awesome friend, keep her around, she will still be really close to you in five years. Also, her stories are always hilarious.

I know, you have just been through your very first break-up and no, it is not going to be your last one. 14 months are a long time, you are allowed to be sad. Try to be friends with your ex-boyfriend even though it is unbelievably hard for you. He is a nice guy and you'll regret that you haven't always stayed in contact.You will realize that the really nice guys aren't the ones you admire or the ones that admire you but the ones that make you laugh. Don't go for their looks but their brains because even though you hope that you look smarter when you are around them, in reality you just look ridiculous. You will fall in love. And it will be awesome. When this letter is written you are together since more than 3 1/2 years. You will have no intention to change that any time soon.

Quit guitar lessons, it's just not for you. Spend your time doing other creative things, don't waste it.

Be nice to your grandmothers. They will still be around in five years but that doesn't mean you can afford to miss any opportunity to speak to them.

No, you will not outgrow the asthma. But that's ok, it could be worse.

You are intelligent. Extremly intelligent. Never ever forget that. In your heart you have always been a Ravenclaw, not a Slytherin. Thanks to the gods you will still understand what that means in five years. 

Take an interest in politics, you will like it as soon as you start to deal with it.

Never miss an opportunity to read. You can never be overdressed (you already understood that) or overeducated. 

Go abroad. I know, you think you will loose your friends and that there will be lots of time after you A-Levels but trust me: There isn't. You will still hate the idea of leaving.

Your real friends are the ones who always stick around even though you have started to hang out with people they don't like. 

Please don't quit ballett, I know your back hurts but it will get better and you will regret quitting a lot!

You won't become a journalist and you will not go in the fashion industriy in order to write about it. You will do something way more awesome: You will become a teacher.

Being happy doesn't mean that everything in your life is perfect, it means that the things that make you happy are the ones you care about. The things you don't like about your life right now do not belong to those things.

Driving a car is not as scary as you think.

There will be a really short time when Dr. Who is on TV. Watch it, it's amazing!

That's it I believe. What would you like to tell your past?

Good night,

The Countess

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