Sunday, 22 April 2012

A spoonfull of sugar...

...helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.
Sometimes little things can spice everything up. The sun coming out on a day full of revising which gives one the possibility to do the boring reading outside or maybe a phone call from a friend on a busy day. At some days this spoonfull of sugar can be a hair style. Yes, a hairstyle. 

Today I met with some girls to do some crafting for the traditional may trees. In the end of the post I will giove you some information on the may trees but for now, let me continue with the hair style story. As I knew that I had to painting and wood cutting I didn't wear any rings or long necklaces and I also had to wear a toned down outfit. Also, I thought it would be better to wear my hair up because paint in the All in all, I was sure I had to look really really boring today. Gosh, I sound superficial right now, don't I?
Well, Never mind. I saw the opportunity to do a nice hair updo which is something I don't do often enough. I have really long hair and this updo is one of those that I won't be able to do nicely when the hair grows any longer. It isn't really anything special, just three english braids, one on top of the head, one in the middle and one pretty low in the neck that are put in a bun. I love that hair style because of the wonderful silhuette it creates, it reminds me of a very simple version of the updos one can see in the Elizabeth movies. Normally I'd put a whole lot of accessoires in the bun but as my outfit was pretty simply it would have looked odd.

Did I mention it is unbe-fucking-lievable hard to take a decent picture of your own back of your head? Well, it is!

About may trees:

In Germany may trees are traditionally given to girls/women by their boyfriends/ suitors/ Counts in the night of the first of May. They are put in front of the girl's house and decorated with ribbon and a wooden heart with her name on it. The ribbon colours have special meanings as well as the chosen tree. Here is the one I got last year from the Count, or at least a close up:

Harry potter writing, The Count is awesome!

What is your personal spoonfull of sugar?

The Countess

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