Thursday, 5 April 2012

Did I already mention that the Count is frigging awesome? He is! It was my 21st birthday a few weeks ago (gosh, I'm getting old) and he gave me the most amazing tea set ever!

He found it at a flea market and that fact in itself is already awesome. It has a weird golden colour and is kind of mismatched, again: AWESOME! There are three cups and six saucers, as well as a huge tea potand one sugar and milk thingy each. It's made out of the most beautiful material, a really really thin porcellain that is nearly see-through and makes the nicest noises when you touch it with your finger nail or a tea spoon. And:

It's hand painted! You probably cannot see the deatils clearly because that golden colour is so damn shiny, it was impossible to get any decent photos. Most of the pieces have an asian lady in a green kimono but on one cup and one saucer she's wearing a yellow one which is pretty cool. That's what I love about flea market findings, you are always surprised.

Basically that's all for today, my lecture has already started so maybe I should start to pay any form of attention...

Have a lovely day,

the Countess


  1. A belated Happy Birthday!
    I absolutely love that tea set beautiful :-)

  2. Beautiful tea set indeed!
    And happy birthday, even if this comes a bit late! (Ooh, don't feel old, I'm older than you xD.)