Monday, 16 April 2012

15 things

Ok, so I reached 15 followers a few days ago and seriously: There are 15 people in this world (plus my friend Imke who reads this without following <3) who read the random stuff I post here? That is pretty awesome!
In order to honour that I want to post 15 random (hip hip hooray for randomness!) things about me.

  1. Even though I believe in the idea that intelligent people do not have to be good at sports, I go to the gym (irregularly though...) and love to go skiing and water skiing. Also, I love to ride my bike whenever it's nice, warm and sunny outside.
  2. If I were granted three wishes I would ask for a world free of war and violence, the end of world hunger and for justice for every living creature. Yes, seriously. I'm one of those weird idealists, haven't you noticed?
  3. There are 10 books on my bedside table right now, including one about the history of the woman's rights movement, one about 1000 important women in history, 3 biographies (Elizabeth I., Bismarck & Napoleon), Sherlock Holmes stories, spooky ballads and The Hunger Games.
  4. My favourite semi-precious stone is the snowflake obsidian. It reminds me of the fact that without darkness we wouldn't be able to see the beauty of light.

5. I'm a vegan for more than two years now it was one of the best desicions I have ever made.
6. I have never done/tried any (illegal) drugs. Ever.
7. I tend to be friends with the same people for a really long time, probably because it takes me quite a while to consider them as friends, I like to choose wisely.
8. I got into Pottermore at the first day of the Beta phase. I'm a Ravenclaw which wasn't a real surprise and which is nice even though I like Slytherin better. At least it isn't Gryffindor. 
9. I have pretty strong political opinions. I'm in favour of a meat tax, pro-choice, pro gay marriage and I think the seperation of state and church is very important. Also, I'm a pacifist. I'm a member of the Green Youth and the themes I'm most interested in are animal rights, queer and gender issues, anti-racism and education.
10. In constrast to the typical cliché that women love chocolate I prefer crisps! I could eat 3 bags a week....At least!
11. I'd love to learn Swedish or Finnish.
12. My favourite animals are turtles and fish. I hate spiders, I'm phobic.
13. I suffer from a pretty severe form of asthma and have to take antibiotics whenever I get ill which is about 5-6 times a year. I've had 4 pneunomias so far and too many bronchitis to count (about 3 to 4 a year I guess).
14. Purple lipstic is awesome.
15. I make jewelry with pictures of people I admire such as Elizabeth I. and Oscar Wilde.

Ok, yeah, quite random, huh?

have a loevely evening,

The Countess

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