Thursday, 17 May 2012

Homophobia is gay!

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia!
It's an important day even though it makes me sad that we still need to create awareness because so many people have to live their lives in fear and hate in our so called free and modern world. It is just so unbelievably disgusting that a person should be discriminated against just because of whom they love. 
Love is good! It makes people happy, everyone should want other people to love and to be loved. I mean, seriously, have you ever been in love? It's awesome!!! 
Why for fuck's sake should the love between two people ever be considered as something  "wrong", "disgusting" or "unnatural"? I am an Atheist but if the God that so many people believe in would hate gay people why would he/she/it still create them? That doesn't make any sense! 

We still put human beings in categories. Straight. Gay. Bisexual. Male. Female. Those who do not fit in one of the categories we think are "proper" or "good" or who simply do not want to identify with one of the labels society has created are excluded from range of what is normal. Happiness, love and having a family should be human rights! Why should gay people be less good parents? Why should a person who was born with a penis be less of a woman? What is a woman, anyway? Or a man? Label yourself if you want to but do not force those labels on other people! And hell, do not use your close-minded views and morals to spread hate!

The wonderful Frank Iero, guitarist from My Chemical Romance and his really cool t-shirt

Here is a video from the awesome FCKH8 campaign that fights for the rights of gay, bi and transgendered people. They make really great videos, they're loud, they neon-coloured and their message is so fucking true!

So go around and spread the word: Some people are gay, get over it!

Have a great day,

The Countess

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