Tuesday, 8 May 2012

All the reasons. Well, actually not all of them but at least a few

I love you

Because you have the same stupid smile at concerts as I.

Because even though you prefer Iron Man you still understand my endless love for the X-Men and Batman.

Because you agree that crisps are worth dying for.

Because you know that if Draco Malfoy ever turns into a real person, you might have to fight for me. And you don't care. I'll stay with you, anyway.

Because you eat vegan when I am around without me telling you to do so.

Because you smoke even though none of your friends does and still you aren't apologetic about it. Because you like it.

Because you are the biggest nerd in the world and because you see that as a compliment.

Because you never critizise my political views even though you don't agree on them.

Because you are looking forward to combining our movie collections when we move in together.

Because you call me stupid while your eyes tell me that actually you think I'm a pretty smart cookie.

Because you can talk about physics for hours and forget that I don't understand a word.

Because you make the most wunderful gifts.

Because you let me take pictures of us even though you hate it.

Because you run around telling everyone that I am your girlfriend.

Because you know that 3 1/2 years isn't a lifetime but the beginning of it.

So, thanks. You're pretty awesome. Even though you'll never read this because you don't read that blog as a principle.


  1. If he doesn't read the blog, I think you should email it to him anyway. It's incredibly sweet. :)

    1. aww thanks, maybe I should do so. He'd make fun of me for the rest of my life for being cheezy though xD