Sunday, 13 May 2012


This is just a quick emotional outbreak (a positive one!).

Today, the parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia had an early election after the minority government had what other people would call "failed". The old government was a combination of the Social Democratic Party and The Greens. I have just come out of the poll site where I functioned as a poll worker and turned on the TV as soon as possible. Then I jumped. And cried out of joy. And danced. And then jumped a little more. The minority government has turned into a majority rule, the Christian Democratic Party (conservatives) have lost a f*ck load of votes, The Left isn't part of the parilament anymore while The Pirates (yes, we have that) got into the parilament of Nroth Rhine-Westphalia for the very first time. 
As a member of the Green Youth these are awesome news! I am right now celebrating with tea, chocolate and NCIS while spamming Facebook in my amazement.
Hip Hip Hooray!!!


  1. Great news! Always good to have Greens influencing decision making. The situation in the UK is terrible at the moment but there doesn't seem to be any parties that are offering any hope. Perhaps Pirates would be a very good option here ;-)

    1. I have never even heard of a British Green party, I always assumed there were only Conservatives, the Labour Party and the Liberals... The Pirates are a pretty good option but unfortunately they do not have fixed opinions on some important issues such as racism. Also, they have this weird idea of post-gender. They believe that men and women are already equal in our society...