Sunday, 20 May 2012

Body oil recipe

After a bath there is nothing better than pampering yourself with a rich, lush body butter or oil. The pores of your skin will be open due to the warm water and will be able to take in the products you use on your skin better than any other time. I have a ton of body butters, lotions and oils because my family and friends know about my proclivity. 

At one point I decided that a bathroom cabinet full of perfectly fine products wasn't enough, no, I wanted to make my own body oil. I played around with a few scnets and finally found the perfect combination. As you might know I am into perfume making, so I have the basic ingredients at home but I believe that you can buy the things you do not already have at the Chemist. The scent is really nice, light and flowery, perfect for spring and summer. I use it for my knees, hands and even my hair before braiding it in my night-braid. The scent stays in the hair for the whole night but it is really subtle and not ovberwhelming at all. Long things short: It is perfect.

You will need:

- A bottle or container ( I found mine at the drug store)
- A pipette (I got mine at the Chemist for about 10 cents)
- 20 drops of rose oil
- 30 drops of jasmine oil
- Jojoba or sunflower oil to your taste (maybe about 30-50ml) The more carrier oil you use the more subtle the scent of your body oil will be

Put the rose oil and the jasmine oil in the container with the pipette and mix them. Smell whether you like the combination, if you are unhappy, adjust to your taste.
Add the carrier oil and mix everything again.
Let the closed container sit in a dark and not too warm cabinet for about a week. After that you cann smell again because the oils will have melted into each other and combined their scents. If you are unhappy with teh result, change it, if you are happy, put the container in the cabinet for a few more weeks. 
Your body oil should stay in the cabinet for at least a month before you use it- believe me, it is worth it to give the oils time to combine properly.
That is it, now you can create a nice label for your oil and enjoy it.

Tip: Seriously, put a few drops in the root of your well combed hair over night!

I hope you liked the recipe!
The Countess

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