Saturday, 2 June 2012

Another ribbon hair style

Yesterday was friend's birthday and because she learns Swedish she decided to have a themed party. She decorated everything in blue and yellow, played Abba and made typical Swedish food. I love themed partys so much, as any other excuse to dress up as well because in reality I am just a little girl that likes to play with her mum's clothes.

I decided to make a necklace and some bracelets out of blue and yellow ribbon but the most important part of the outfit was of course my hair-do!

This one was really, really easy to do and to my delight it didn't fall apart. Those photos were taken after about seven hours but I think the hair-do still looks ok. I didn't lose any of the rose hair pins, yay! I have a whole bunch of those rose bobby pins, you can get ten silk roses for a Euro here and bobby pins are pretty cheap too so I have them in red, pink, blue and yellow but I think I have some magenta coloured ones too, I just don't know where they are.

Do you like unusual hair- dos? 
Have a great evening,
The Countess


  1. Wow, that looks amazing. I'm really boring when it comes to my hair but I think I should branch out.

    1. Thanks! I like how hair styles add the little extra to an outfit, they're better than any accessoires!

  2. I LOVE unusual hairdos! And the one in here is a very pretty one too~
    (Mhehehe, Sweden... I'm from Finland. There is a lot of *cough* friendly *cough* rivalry between the two, mhehehe, like sports and EuroVision (EV we always lose), mhehehe, it must have something to do with the history of the two, *coughcough*)

    1. Haha, I didn't know about the rivalry with Sweden. We here in Cologne have the same situation with Düsseldorf xD

      We won the ESC two years ago, that was awesome! To be honest, I didn't like Sweden's song this year... It was boring. I loved Lordi in 2006 so I root for Finland^^