Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pure randomness

This is an absolutely irrelevant update on my life. Nothing important, no cool outfits, no politics, just loads of pictures. So this is what happend during the last weeks and days:

I made some vegan Irish Soda Bread. Or at least I tried. The result is something that looks like the surface of the moon. Or a toad...

It did taste delicious though!

I got Young Avengers #1 Director's Cut via ebay for 3€ and a few weeks later I bought the Young Avengers Children's Crusade part 1 in a comic book store. They only had it in German but as I have already read the whole Young Avengers series in English I can now laugh about all the weird mistakes they made while translating. Billy calls Teddy "Boyfriend". In the German version. They didn't translate the word at all. No German person would refer to their boyfriend as "Boyfriend" in German. Never. Ever. Nevertheless Young Avengers is also cool in German. Not as great as in English but still...

Young Avengers #1 Director's Cut

YA Children's Crusade N°1

After a long time of being unbelievably unproductive I did not only start to write a paper about Clara Zetkin and her influence on women's rights, I also sewed a pencil case. I used to carry my pencils loosely in my bag end ended up never finding one because my bag is like Hermione's: Endless and full of misteries. 

I made it from some felt I got from my boyfriend's mum for Christmas. The wings have been lying in my sewing box for more than a year now so I thought now would be a good time to finally use them. They remind me of Wiccan's head thingy and of Thor of course. 

I had some felt left so I made another bag:

Detail shot: The little black things are parts of volcanic rock because stones are awesome.

I don't really know what to do with this second, smaller bag. Imke, any chance you want it?

I'm obsessed with a nail polish at the moment. It's Genius In the Bottle by Catrice and it is nothing but beautiful!

Because it looks fantastic with old gold jewellery I decided to wear my selfmade Oscar Wilde necklace with it for the first time. I love that pendant so much but I never got around wearing it.

Okaaay, what else? Oh right, I got my nose pierced but you won't see a photo until it is all nice and healed. Right now it is still red and half a red nose is not exactly the prettiest thing in the world... Speaking of red: I coloured part of my fringe pink but it came out more as a wine red which is perfectly fine with me.

It's the best quality I got. In all the other pictures the colour was kind of...wrong...
Excuse the bathroom picture. If Blogger was Myspace and this was 2005 I'd be cool.

Okay, enough randomness. 
Before I go to bed, hip hip hooray for 20 followers!
I'd like to get your opinion: What kind of blog posts would you like to see?
Daily random stuff? More life/politics? More outfits? I'm planning on doing more weird history facts, how would you like that? I could do the same with English...

Good night,

The Countess

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