Monday, 25 June 2012

Thoughts on Tolerance. And Architecture.

Please have a look at this building:

Be honest: This is beautiful, right? To me it is a fantastic  piece of architeture, the forms are amazing and the colour ads a whole lot of elegance to it. This is a digital version of the mosque that is right now being built in Cologne by the German architect Paul B√∂hm who won the competition that was held in order to create the best concept for it. It is built at the same place where the old mosque used to be. This old mosque wasn't a real representative mosque but rather just a plain, old building that was way too small for the amount of people who wanted to pray there. This new mosque will not only have praying rooms but also a library and a community center. I personally think that this mosque could become one of the most beautiful buildings in Cologne, a tourist magnet, a symbol for cultural diversity and the space the muslims in Cologne need and deserve.

Unfortunately, many people do not agree with me on that. And no, I do not only talk about neo-nazis and other intolerant right-winged bastards, I talk about the so called "middle of society", regular people who claim not to be racist but rather "concerned". Those concerns include such ridiculous things such as parking lots that will be used by the people who visit the mosque to pray there and therefore won't be free for the people living around the mosque. Some people were afraid that the muezzin could disturb their oh so important quiet and peace. Those people of course don't mention the church bells that make noises in every city in every part of Germany. Another "argument" that was brought up is that the mosque was supposed to be white which offended some people because to them a big white building would demonstrate muslim power over the christian western world. I know, ridiculous. I told you...

Germany is not homogeneous and neither are the people living here. 

We are diverse. 
We are multicultural. 
We are muslim. 
We are christian. 
We are jewish. 
We are budhist. 
We are atheist. 
We are wiccan. 
We are white. 
We are black. 
We are gay. 
We are straight. 
We are bisexual. 
We are transgender. 
We are female. 
We are male. 
We are old. 
We are young. 
We are ugly. 
We are pretty. 
We are smart. 
We are stupid. 
We are disabled. 
We are ill. 
We are healthy.

We all have the right to exsist, we all have the right to try to be as happy as possible. We have the right to pray. Everyone. Not just white male rich christians. This mosque is going to be a part of Cologne and so are the people who will come there to pray. To all the intolerant people who want to limit other people's rights in order to feel more dominant and powerful: Deal with it.Your hate will not change anything!

We have to be the change we want to see in this world. 
We can only do so together.
So get out and support those who need it.

The Countess

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