Tuesday, 25 December 2012

So to hell with holiday romantics. Not.

I hope you are all having the most wonderful Christmas days or are simply enjoying yourself if you do not celebrate Christmas! I myself am very happy and very very full right now. Yesterday I celebrated with my parents, my little sister and 7 different dishes and today we met up at a Spanish restaurant with the Spanish part of the family. It was delicious, loud and funny, as always. Tomorrow, my German granny, her sisters and the Count will come to our place for some more food and presents.

Here's a picture of how I (or at least my face) looked like yesterday, just because I can:

Anyway, I want to wish all of you wonderful people all the best! I hope your wishes come true and I hope nobody burnt their house with the candles on the Christmas tree. Don't give me that look, it happens.

Here is my Christmas song of 2012, I know, it's all anti and hipster and stuff but I still like it.

December is for cynics- The Matches

Mocking charols that we hate, 
damn, it's easy being great! 
So to hell with holiday romantics, 
december is for cynics, 
december is for critics! 
Let's get high on art supplies and hibernate, 
december is for cynics!

Happy Christmas and have a wonderful day!
The Countess

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