Friday, 7 December 2012

Some Everyday Pictures

I have realized that I have shown you a lot of photos from shootings or where I had just put on make-up, done my hair et cetera so i thought I'd show you some pictures of my in my real, honest everyday life. They're obviously less good than pictures where I look my best but I still kind of like them. Here we go!

Me at Mc Donald's, prettiest backround ever. Not.

It's getting cold...

This morning. I really need to clean that mirror...
Me and Albertus Magnus appreciating the first proper snow of the year at uni. Albertus Magnus is the statue, not the bike.

I am really excited about all the snow! I met some people from Spain at uni and they have never seen snow before. Can you believe that? They got really excited and infected me with their happiness :)

Have a great day,
The Countess

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