Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I'm a Christmas Elf!

Or at least I feel like one. Everything revolves around Christmas in my life at the moment, the Christmas spirit took possession of me and now all I can think of are presents, cookies, snow and fairy lights. I baked the first cookies about 3 weeks ago and as I want to make all to make all presents myself this year I spent a lot of time crafting, cooking and melting.Yes, melting. I made candles. Scented candles to be specific.

Patchouli and Orange

Cherry and Lily of the valley

I also made some chai syrup for some of my friends. you add a bit in a cup of black tea or (soy) milk and voilá: Chai! It contains a bunch of spices that make it smell like Christmas in a bottle aka heaven. As its main ingredience is sugar it does not need to be stored in the fridge and you can keep it for a while. If you want I could post the recipe here.

Chai syrup

The last thing that has a christmas-y smell to it is the sugar-coffee-cinnamon-oil peeling I mixed as a present for a friend. I didn't take a close-up of this because it doesn't look exactly...pleasant. Honestly? It kind of looks like mud but it smells delicious and makes your skin super soft. The sugar and coffee have a peeling effect, cinnamon encourages blood flow and the oil leaves your skin nice and soft.

The peeling is in the bottle in the middle. Like I said: Mud.

The small jars contain lip gloss and a lip peeling. Again, I have the recipes here if you want them.

Making the lip scrub

The lip gloss, still in its hot, liquid condition

The final results
All that is missing now is a bath oil and then everything is ready for the first Christmas party of the year this weekend.
What are your favourite Christmas presents to give to your friends?

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. These are great gifts and you've made them look very classy. I'd love the recipe for the chai syrup. I have some chai that smells wonderful but I don't really like the taste of. It would be nice to have another use for it!

    Keep up the Christmas posts. I love seeing how someone who really appreciates the holiday celebrates!

    1. Oh my, I just realized I didn't answer you :( I am very sorry!
      Thanks, I will post teh recipe in one of the next posts! I love Christmas, I am excited to write more about it

  2. What a great idea! Amazing post, i loved it!!!