Saturday, 21 July 2012

10 Reasons why we need feminism

- There are 188 directly elected political leaders in this world right now. 16 of them are women.

- Female circumcision

- The word 'feminist' is still used as an insult.

- Less money for the same work

- The idea that women HAVE TO shave.

-The looks a woman still gets when she says that she doesn't like and/or doesn't want kids.

- The threats and harassments Anita Sarkeesian gets because she announced that she wants to talk about how women are portraited in video games. She gets threats that include her being raped, beaten up and killed.

-Gay women still have to fight against the stereotype that they are less of a woman than a straight woman.

- The Pro Life movement

- The feminist movement often got and gets involved in other important movements such as the anti- slavery movements back in the past, the LGBT movement etc.

I leave you with this: It's a really good video about how female characters in comics etc. are often randomly killed in order to support the development of a male character.

Are you a feminist?
Why do you think feminism is important?

Have a great day,
The Countess

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