Thursday, 12 July 2012

This summer

Today I had two exams (Elections in Medieval History and Psychology) in a row which was really exhausting but now I only have to go to my Early Modern English class tomorrow and then I am free until Octobre. I do have another exam in September and there also is that paper about Clara Zetkin but all in all I have holidays! Hip hip hooray!

In order to celebrate that fact properly I have decided to share my list of things I want to do this summer in order to make the best out of it. The notes in italics show how far these projects have gone so far

- go to Sweden and Estonia with my friend Imke 
-> everything is booked and fixed

- read Edgar Allan Poe
-> started reading his short novels

- watch a play at a theatre in Cologne
-> I have a double ticket...Since 2010...

- visit a bunch of museums
-> I went to the Cologne History Museum today after my exams

- learn all elements of the periodic table
-> I know about 25 right now

- go to the Spa with friends
-> We bought coupons months ago

- stich more
-> There are some vague ideas...

- visit Aachen with the Count
-> I have to wait until he has written all of his exams

- create my family tree
-> I downloaded a programme and put my 20 closest relatives in it.

- go to the Botanic Garden of the Uni of Bonn
-> Again, I have to wait for the count...

- go to the opera for the very first time
-> A friend told me she wanted to go with me

- sew something
-> I know i want a black skirt...

- practice calligraphy
-> bought a new quill and new ink in gold

The Cologne City Museum was amazing! I never went to a museum on my own without friends or family but i must say it was absolutely briliant! The museum is in the old Zeughaus which is the armoury. 


They have an impressive collection of medieval and early modern art and parts of the museum are reserved for the themes jews in Cologne, women in Cologne, childhood in Cologne, the founding of the University or science. I loved some of the paintings and especially the two huge old globes that are part of the science exhibiton.

They also had to special exhibitons, one was about the Cologne painter and revolutionist of 1848/49 Wilhelm Kleinenbroich and the other one was about Cologne's Churches and their decorations. I liked the original exhibition better but those two were still really good.

One random fact I learned: In Early Modern times children up to six years were dressed in girl's clothes without any regard to their gender. There are some features and hints on painting though that declare a child as male or female. One feature for example could be a bird on the arm of the child which is a sign that the child is male.

What are your plans for the summer? And what should I add to my list?

Have a great day,
The Countess

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