Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A hat

I feel that I should do a proper post but I have made sooo many typos in the last one that I have decided to just ramble a bit.
Yesterday, I tried to do an outfit shot. I suck at them...

 I love the hat, I got it from H&M a few days ago and even though I try not to buy at stores like H&M so often anymore because I do not agree with them as a company I just HAD to get this hat. It was broken, they would have thrown it away! I basically rescued it, I saved its life! It had emergency surgery and my glue gun and I were able to save it! I think I want to name it... I name all kinds of stuff. I'm writing this post on my notebook Tinkerbell. 

Ok, enough talk of the crazy person, I guess...
Sleep well, 
The Countess


  1. Aww, that's a cute outfit shot! You should post them more, don't be shy <3.