Thursday, 22 March 2012

taking a bath

When was the last time you did something for yourself? 
We go to university or school, work, study, see friends, do our hobbies and go on dates. That is all nice and good BUT: Where in this tight schedules is the time that is reserved for us and only for us? When are we are not surrounded by other people, have our mobile phone right next to us or are logged into Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr?  
To me it is very important to take some time every single day and do something for myself. Most of the time that means taking a bath. I put some nice scented bath stuff in the tub, take a book that has absolutely nothing to do with the things I work on for university, put my PJs on the heater and lock the door. I don't even have to stay in the tub for a long time, the only matter of importance is that I do not have a limit, a point where I HAVE to get out. 


I'm doing an internship at a library right now and even though it is the exact opposite of hard work, I had the strong need for some time for myself when I got home this evening. So I put my hair into a bun, took a nice bath, read Sherlock Holmes, shaved and put my wonderfully warm PJs on. It was like heaven. The PJs on the heater seriously make all the difference, fresh warm clothes are the best thing in the world after a bath. This is pure luxury to me.

Now I can finish the day with the second Sex and the City movie and a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.

What do you do when you want to have some quality time for yourself?
Have a wonderful evening,
The Countess


  1. That sounds wonderful! I also love to take a bath when I really want to relax, but I don't have one at home. I ony get to enjoy this luxury once a week, when I'm at my mother's house. I have tons of Lush products stored there for those moments, haha.
    Other things I do to relax are reading (probably works best), listening to music in private and having long walks somewhere quiet (which can be a real challange in the Netherlands, since there are people everywhere!).

    1. Oh my, poor you, I don't know what I'd do without my bath tub! I love Lush aswell, but I mainly use their hair products but I got two of those reusable bubble bath thingies for my birthday and they smell solooo good. I should do a post on Lush products.
      I reading is indeed very relaxing, especially in the sun.
      I am lucky enough to live near a river so I would have a place where I could take walks but I rarely do that, I prefer riding my bike.

  2. Oops, I only just saw your reply!
    Ah, the hair products of Lush...I love them too! My hair tends to get oily soon, but Jumping Juniper always leaves it squeaky clean. Love that stuff!
    Wow, you are so lucky indeed to live near a river, even if you don't walk there a lot. Cycling is nice too! Everyone here cycles a lot. :)