Sunday, 18 March 2012

I'm a nerd

...and proud! Nerd, geek, call me however you want. I don't take it as an insult and neither so my friends. Sometimes I forget how nerdy I am because my friends are all into physics, maths and computers and I am...not. Not at all. Still, I'm a pretty nerdy person.
One of my favourite youtube persons, Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike once made a video about things that make him a nerd. If you want to check it out, here it is: 

I thought I could also make a list of things that make me a nerd:

1: I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I have read every book at least ten (10!!) times, I own all of them plus the extra books in German and English. I was one of the lucky ones to get into Pottermore early (on the first day in fact) and even though I always wanted to be a Slytherin, I became a Ravenclaw. Honestly, it wasn't a real surprise. I listen to wizard rock (yes, that is a real thing, check it out on youtube!) and when I people call me Hermoine I take it as a compliment.

2:  I collect semi-precious stones. I love them. I once started to talk to a person at a party who was wearing one around his neck about stones. He turned and  went away. later, I was informed that stones are not an interesting topic to meet new people. Screw people.

3: I study history and I could talk about it the whole time. My favourite periode is the victorian era, my favourite historical person is Elizabeth I. and my favourite topics are women's rights, torture and human rights. 

4: I know how to juggle. I took a class at university last summer.

5: I also know how to ride a unicycle.

6: I embroider in my free time. I love to hand embroider on handkerchiefs.

7: I actually use handkerchiefs. I make them myself because the tissure ones are terrible for the environment.

8: I'm an active member of the Green Youth. I even hold an office in my local group. On the other hand, everyone there does.

9: I love TV series. My favourites are The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Who, BBC Sherlock, House MD, Bones, The Tudors, Six Feet Under and many more.

10: People compare me to Sheldon from the Big Bang theory and I don't really take it as an insult. I even got a t-Shirt for my birthday that says "I'm not insane, my mother had me tested!".

11: I don't think that intelligent people are supposed to be sporty. I also catch myself using "I don't need to be funny/sporty/polite/pretty, I am intelligent!"

12: I don't care if you have a masters degree in German or English, I WILL correct your grammar if you make a mistake.

13: I speak 6 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Latin and Japanese. German is my native language, people from England ask me from which part of the UK I am so I suppose my English is pretty good aswell, my French and Spanish knowledges are good enough to survive in France and Spain and to make sure I only order vegan food there but I make grammar mistakes. My latin is pretty good but I haven't used it in a while becuase I don't have any medieval history classes at the moment and my Japanese is VERY basic, I only took one class at university.

14:  I started to call myself the good fairy when I was about sixteen and I never stopped. I have this whole idea that the good fairy is supposed to take care of the world and that every problem should be resolved with fairy dust.

15: I'll start an internship at a library in two days, simply because I always wanted to work in one.

What about you? What makes you a nerd?
 Have a great day,

The Countess


  1. Haha, that was fun to read! (And I'll not list my nerdy habits, but I may say we have few in common xD.)

    Also I hadn't realized you are from Germany? I studied the language for *cough*12*cough* years... and speak it poorly, and me writing it is even worse! Shame on me, shame on me. Should practice it properly... yet I am notoriously lazy at times u___u.

    1. Wow, 12 years? Then I believe your German is probably better than you think! You could write your comments here in German, that would be a nice practice. I write this blog in English to make sure that everyone understands it but I could add parts in german aswell.

  2. Oh, I'm definitely a geeky girl. For a start, I do physics which makes geekiness almost obligatory ;) I'm not so much into Harry Potter but I used to be SERIOUSLY obsessed with Lord of the Rings, to the extend that I tried to learn the elven languages. I have forgotten all of that by now but I still speak 4 languages and I can also ride a unicylce. I love popular science books, as well as science fiction and fantasy. I really enjoy playing boardgames and have done roleplaying in the past.

    1. Hahaha, yes, you're absolutely a geek :) I also like Lord of the Rings alot, I want to embroider something LotR themed on my next handkerchief.