Sunday, 4 March 2012

How to save the world

We only have this earth. It is indespencible for all forms of life and maybe it is time that we start to treat it like that. Every single one of us can do his or her part to protect the earth from further damage. Maybe we won't see earth's death for ourself but it is still our responsibility to save it. at least we have to try. Everyone is important, if we all do our part we can change the world. Most of the time the little things make the difference and this is exactly where we have to start.

Things that I do:

- I'm a vegan. That is not only good for the lives of many animals but also for the environment.
- I don't drink water from bottles but from the tap. I have a few bottles that I use again and again in order to  use as little plastic as possible.
- I don't use paper napkins and tissues. I have sewn a few handkerchiefs and reusable napkins that can be washed with the regular laundry every day.
- I plug out every electronical tool that is not in use.
- I don't use plastic shopping bags and if they are given to me at shops I give them back. We have a few at home that we use regularly aswell as many made out of fabrik.

Things I should do:

- Turn off the light. I'm afraid of the dark and even need some sort of light when I sleep, otherwise I have trouble falling asleep and I get scared when i wake up in a dark room.
- Use the car less often. When it's rainy or windy or cold I use the car even though I could go by bike. Also I'm ill alot because I have asthma and therefor I am often bound to use the car.

what do you do to safe the environment? What do you think could you do better?

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