Monday, 5 March 2012

Perfume making

A few days ago a friend and I had our first attempt at making perfume. We bought some perfume oils and bottles online and just gave it a go. We got ten different 3ml samples aswell as 10ml rose oil and 30ml patchouli oil. The oils all smelt wonderful, my friend and I were especially fond of jasmine. Making perfume was alot of fun, it was great to experiment with the different combinations of smells and their intensity. Afterwards my friend's kitchen smelled...Let's say interesting. So did her kitchen table. But that's ok, it was worth it =D

As a carrier oil we used simple sun flower oil. Most of the time jojoba oil is used but I forgot to order it, so...
I bought the pipettes at the chemist, they were unbelievably cheap (10 cent each). I'm thinking of buying one or two made out of glass, those should be easier to clean.

We still have lots of perfume oils left but they won't go bad for quite a while and I already have a bunch of different ideas what to do with them: Bath salt, selfmade soap, solid perfume, lip balm, body and massage oil...

My friend took a picture of me, I kind of like it


  1. Perfume making? That's something I'd love to try! It's interesting to read about it too~

    1. You should try it out, it's pretty easy and you can create your very personal scent

  2. My wife is actually fond of making soap and scents. And I adore her for that because she’s very good in making a combination. Anyway, with her kind of hobby, I suggested her to put it into business, since her friends like her stuff too. And some are actually giving their support.

    Rob Feckler