Sunday, 23 September 2012

Time Well Spent

Sometimes you don't realise how fast time passes. I don't know when it happend but it did: I became an adult. I am definetely no child anymore. A few days ago I visited my grandmother for breakfast and I noticed that our relationship has changed over the last years. Normally I meet her with my mother but this time I came alone which I have only done once before in the last few years because my mum and my grandma always initiate our weekly meetings, I just come along. 
This time it was different, I called her while my mother was on holidays because I wanted to spend some time with her alone. Our breakfasts are always very good, we usually have rolls, various spreads, tea and juice but this time my grandmother even went to a bio store to buy some vegan basil spread and cookies. We had a really nice chat, like "proper grown ups". I learned some new things about her. She has never tried avocado, for example and we both like long tartan skirts.
After breakfast I helped her hanging up her laundry and then we drove to a near castle which she wanted to show me. It was very nice and we decided to take a little walk around the castle through the fields. She told me that we used to go to this place very often when I was still really young but I don't remember that, unfortunately. Later, my grandma insited we go to the bio store to buy some soy milk so she could show me how to make plum pancakes. Because she is awesome like that! We made up our own recipe which is really close to her traditional one but in a veganized version. It was amazing but of course grandmothers always make great food. I am definetely going to make those pancakes again and I think my grandmother will try a pumpkin soup recipe I gave her. So at the end of the day we had a great day and both learned something new.
If you are fortunate enough to still have grandparents or maybe even great-grandparents you should go and spend time with them on your own! You may learn something new about them and maybe even about you.

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. I must say this post meant a lot to me, I am not sensitive at all most of the times, but my grandmother was my mother growing up, and just like you, I always loved her, but never had that mature relationship with her, and this things you are talking about right now, things that you do, i would love to do with her,
    So i must say, I admire you respect for her and I hope you have amazing times to share with your grandmather for long years.

    1. First of all: Welcome to this little blog of mine!
      Some great people unfortunately only walk our path with us for a few miles and sadly, grandparents most often belong in this category. Thank you for your kind I am lucky, I believe and I am truly sorry you didn't have the chance to spend some adult time with your gran.