Friday, 14 September 2012

Simple things in life

Today my best friend became a university student. She will study philosophy and psychology in Bonn which is why we went there today so she could enrol for her first semester. We were both really happy and excited so we decided to spend some more time in Bonn to enjoy the fact that we still have holidays.
First of all we went to an Alnatura store which we found by accident. Alnatura is a German company that sells bio food so naturally my friend (a vegetarian with some vegan tendencies) and me (a vegan) were thrilled to find this store! Oh Gods, all those delicious delights!

I got some tofu mince, two bear leek patties, a small portion of beetroot-horse radish cream (It's bright pink!!!) aaaand a glass of vegan rémoulade! I was really excited to try the latter and it is seriously delicious! My sister who is very sceptical torwards everything vegan agreed that it was really good. I used some as a sauce for a burger I made with one of the pattie.

We also bought some vegan ice cream which was really good too but unfortunately, we both ended up with a stomage ache... 

After our stop at the bio store we did some shopping. I bought a scarf which I will hopefully show in an outfit post and I also got some new Lush products to prepare my skin for winter. I got Glorious Mud, a body mask and peeling and a really great body lotion which is called Nächstenliebe (engl: charity or altruism) because everything you pay for this cream is donated to charity. As an extra I got samples of two face creams which I am excited to try. I chose two that work against dry skin which will be great for autumn and winter!

In the end we got some french fries with extremely spicy sauce (great for the stomache ache...not.).
All in all my friend (who does not like to have her picture taken) and I had a great afternoon in Bonn and when she moves there we will probably leave quite a bit of money at the bio store.

The church in Bonn's city centre; the whole city is full of beautiful buildings.

How do you spend free days?
Have a great day, 
The Countess


  1. I'm really loving your bangs!
    Free days? What are those! LOL ;)

    1. Aww, thanks, I cut and dyed it myself :)
      Free days are awesome, I have a lot of them because I am a Uni student.