Sunday, 12 May 2013

A feminist Opinion on Wearing Head Scarves

I've been a feminist for as long as I can make conscious decisions. And now I think it's time to speak up. I don't want to hear another word about muslim women being less feminist than I. Or anybody else for that matter. 
I believe in equal rights. 
I believe in freedom of thought. 
And I believe in respect. 
What I don't believe in is bashing a religion or an opinion with the excuse of being feminist. 
I have been an atheist for as long as I can think and I personally am sick of hearing muslim women who decide to wear a head scarf/modest clothing/whatever are any less feminist than me.

I know what you might think:
A religion that tells women to cover up CAN'T be feminist. What you forget is that the women who wear head scarfs, niqabs or burqu DECIDE to do so and telling them they are less feminist by covering up makes you nothing but a hypocrite. Why? Because you take away their freedom of choosing their religion and their clothes which means you take away their right of making a decision in general. You don't own their body, they do! Feminism is the radical idea that women are people. And people have thoughts, they have opinions, they make decisions. They can do whatever they want. I decide to wear nothing but black, somebody else might decide to wear modest clothing and a head scarf. If you argue against them, you argue against me.

One of the nicest conversations I ever had about hair was with a friend who wears a head scarf (Yes, I'm talking to you, M.!). Not for a second did I have the feeling that her decision of covering up separated her from me. We talk about clothes, we talk about comics, we talk about feminism and everything else that comes to our mind. Because her wearing a head scarf is about as much of a problem as me not wearing one.

Another wonderful incident happend at a green youth meeting. It was one of my first big ones, I was really nervous and I didn't know anyone. I got in contact with a very nice girl wearing a head scarf and she complimented my (very short) black lace-y dress. She didn't judge me, she didn't force her opinion on me. Instead she made me feel accepted and welcome.
Now I ask you: When was the last time you complimented someone's head scarf?

Shouldn't we focus on what unites us instead of focusing on what makes us different? We all fight for the same cause: Equal rights for everyone. And that means the right to make a decision even if it isn't considered popular. So do whatever the fuck you want! Shave your head! Grow your hair out! Dye it blue or pink or black! Wear a head scarf! And finally: Be happy with yourself!

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. Nice to see an article like this! In gender studies we did a great week on this. About how some people assume you can't be muslim and feminist, but there are loads of feminist groups out there run by muslim women, including in the middle east, fighting for women's rights their own way.

    People should realise there is nothing wrong with covering up if you want to, if it is your choice. I choose to wear pretty covering clothing, it's part of my Victorian style aesthetic, plus it helps protect me from the dangers of the sun to my pale celtic skin.

    Some people don't notice all the nice things muslim girls do with their fashion, like matching headscarf colours or patterns to their outfits, or other items they wear. but it is becoming more recognised as a style. My uni mag even did a little feature in the fashion section the other week.

  2. To The Countess. There is a debut book out that you may find interesting...Its not just a horror book. It talks about not eating meat and animal rights..... The book is called: THE LIFT by PAUL BRUCE and is available from: AMAZON, WATERSTONES, ETC... and also: AMAZON KINDLE E-BOOK. Check it out. You could do a review of it on your blog if you want.

  3. so well spoken! There is an ongoing debate in my country wether women in burka or headscarves are opressed or not and that muslim men are women haters. Oh I only have to open one of the larger newspapers to see how female celebrities, politicians are commented about their looks their bodies etc, and not speaking about the advertises that makes me sick.
    Many men and women has lost the idea of what feminism really is about.