Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thoughts on wearing black

I wear black. Every single day.
Black is the absence of colour, it doesn't reflect light. So much for the simple facts. Now the problem:
Whenever I meet new people for example at university classes the topic of the colour of my wardrobe (or rather the absence of it) will come up at some point. Mostly the question is broad up by someone in a rather shy manner: "I don't know if I can ask you this but...Why do you wear black?"

The honest answer: I don't know.
For a long time I didn't even realize it, I just wore black more and more and at some point all the other colours just vanished from my closet. I simply prefer black over everything else. It's elegant, sophisticated and aristocratic. The point of it being elegant is probabl what strikes me the most about it. It suits everyone, very fair skin types as well as dark ones. It doesn't distract from the piece of clothes at hand, it leaves room for the farbic and the pattern to stand out. Additionally, black goes with nearly every colour except for brown and beige but that's simply my personal preference.

Source: we heart it
Black goes with a wide range of fashion styles in society such as conservative suits, cocktail dresses and the robes in the justice system of various countries but of course it also has a huge part in the world of alternative fashion. I identify as some sort of goth-ish victorian quaintrelle and black underlines that perfectly. I don't think of it as the colour of mourning, sadness and death as in some parts of Africa and America white is the mourning colour.
Source: we heart it
Of course, my favourite colour has often brought me in some weird situations and sometimes  I have to answer the most ridiculous questions. No, I don't worship satan, in fact I am an atheist, no I don't do drugs, yes I am smart. Black is the colour of the academics by the way. Some people cross the street when they see me, others but come up to me to congratulate me on my wardrobe. Small children tend to be afraid of me, older women love me. all in all, I get the most various reactions but that is not what wearing black is about.

 It's about me. 
Me being happy with how I look and what I wear. 
And that's what clothes are about, right?

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