Sunday, 19 February 2012


We live in a hectic world. We're always in a rush and everything has to be fast. That is probably the reason why people drink less tea and switch to coffee instead. Coffee on the run is incredibly popular, especially at university and quite honestly: I understand that.

It's fast, it gives you energy, not to mention it warms you nicely during those cold winter months. Nevertheless, I'll always stick to my beloved tea. If coffee symbolizes our modern society, tea stands for the exact opposite. Preparing a nice cup of tea takes time, the water has to boil, one has to pick  a tea to one's taste and finally the tea has to steep. For me personally, tea is a window of peace in my daily routine. I own nearly thirty loose and more than ten bagged teas, many mugs and two lovely tea sets I hold very dear. I love meeting friends for a nice cup of Earl Grey, it is probably my favourite social activity. 
What about you? Do you love tea as much as I do or do you prefer coffee?



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