Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Vintage bag

Yesterday my grandma came to visit and she had a lovely surprise for me. When my great grandmother died in 1974 (so way before I was born) my grandma who is the oldest of three sisters agreed to take care of all the things from my great grandmother's posessions that no one else wanted. Of course, many things were simply thrown away but some pieces are still in my grandma's closet and basement because they're are of personal value. 

One of these things is handbag. Not a regular handbag, a black handbag with a flower pattern that my great grandmother handstitched with gobelin stitches. She made the pattern and then had it made into a handbag. My grandma told her that her mother was very proud of this bag and therefor my grandma never threw it away even though neither she nor my great aunts wanted it. 
So yesterday she gave it to me. She knows that I love sewing and stitching and more than once she has mentioned that it makes her very happy to see me working with a needle or a sewing machine. She also said my great grandmother would be very proud and happy that I like tthe bag. 

She wasn't fortunate enough to be still alive when her first grandchild (me) was born so I never had the pleasure of meeting her but owning something that she made and knowing that we shared at least one interest is amazing and heart warming to me.

But enough talking, let's have a look:

I admit it, it is old fashioned but I think it could look lovely combined with an elegant all black outfit. Or with a pink underbust corset I own.  When I come up with a nice outfit I will take a picture and frame it for my grandma. 

detail shot

Look at those stitches! I cannot find a single mistake. The colours work so well together and even though I am not a fan of the combination of black and brown I still love this special colour combination. Perhaps I will buy some (fake) gold jewelry (I only have silver and antique gold) to match the handle. 

I still cannot really believe that I own something that seriously qualifies as vintage. And that is part of the family heritage, of course. Thank you grandma, thank you great grandma. <3

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