Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn Shopping

So my mum decided I need new clothes, of course I didn't object. I wanted a few warmer things for the upcoming months anyway and having someone who actually pays for them makes the whole thing even better. I'm trying to get back to wearing more elegant things again, I have been really lazy this summer, I wore flat shoes, no make-up and wide t-shirts. Now in autumn, my favourite season, I can't wait to get the dresses and heels out again.

Things I need:

  • A jumper or a jacket that can be worn inside.
  • A long coat.
  • Winter boots.
  • Winter shoes.
  • Gloves.

Things we bought:

Winter shoes. I love them, I adore them, they are perfect and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. My mum says they looks like real leather but they really aren't!!

Warm gloves, I love them, they are really cozy!

A winter dress that isn't very keane on being photographed, not even when I wear it. I tried, I swear. It has some really pretty black embroidery on the neck line and it looks less like something you carry potatos in when you wear it.

The second dress didn't like photographing either, I'll try again when I wear it tomorrow, until then have a detail shot:

Stars!! Also the fabric is really nice and thin, very floaty, like a proper fairy dress!

A skirt that looks horrible on the hanger. Wow, I just realised how bad I am in doing this whole thing, I should do outfit posts more often to learn how it's done...


A super soft jacket with awesome sleeves and big military style buttons. I got it in my very favourite shop called Paranox. The original price was 100€ but it was on sale for 79€ and the shop owner gave it to us for 60€ without us asking for a discount, just because she is nice like that. There was no way we wouldn't get it after that! Ignore my face and the weird posture, I'm trying to show off the sleeves.

What's still missing is a coat and winter boots and obviously we bought a bunch of stuff I didn't really need. Yeah, not complaining.

Aaaand finally I want to show you a pair of shoes I bought in spring but kept in my wardrobe for autumn.

I really like that colour, I think it looks great with an all black outfit, especially in autumn.

Do you do season related shopping trips?

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. I love that jacket on you! The sleeves are perfect.

    1. Thank you, I was SO happy to find it, it's really warm and soft!

  2. OMG those boots, that skirt, that COAT! Can I come raid your closet???????

  3. OHMY, some adoration to that jacket from here too!

  4. The Coat is so awesome... and OMG... the Shoes... Great!