Tuesday, 20 August 2013

About Friendship

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It doesn't matter if you hae a lot of friends, a handful or maybe just that one special person you'd trust with your life, a good friend will always manage to make you smile, even if it's by crying with you. No, seriously, have you ever tried to cry with a close friend? It's almost impossible, you'll both end up lauging.

Okay, so I want to tell you about my friend. The only tears I share with this special friend of mine are tears of laughter. I've known her for what feels like my whole life although in reality it's only been 6 years. We met under weird circumstances, her best friend was my first boyfriend's new girlfriend and the first impression we had of each other wasn't great. But somehow we got unbelievably close in a really short time and after a few weeks she asked me if I wanted to come on holidays with her. Since then we have been on several holidays together, eaten ridiculous amounts of nachos and drunken liters of bubbly together. We're pretty different from the two young girls that met at a skate park 6 years ago, we've grown up, finished school, got found love, dumped/got dumped, found jobs, started studying et cetera. She is even living in her second own flat already! Times have changed. We used to see each other up to 5 times a week, now we are happy if we can manage to see each other every Sunday. 
One thing has never changed though: 
I can't imagine my life without her.

A few weeks ago she went on holidays and brought me back these:

Aren't they beautiful?!

I hung them up on a birthday card she gave me in March

Of course friendships can't be measured in the presents you give to each other but I was chuffed about thosde lovely earrings anyway. Which is another reason why I feel really guilty. Yesterday was her birthday. I couldn't be there. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you!

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  1. I still have my best friend from first day at school. She's my soulsister and I love her deeply but we don't see each other that often (because of different cities, family life etc). If you have been on vacations together and still are good friends then it's a true friendship :)
    Some people can show their worst sides when you live that close and that can end a friendship.