Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Tasty Pasty Company

Today I accidentally stumbled into a café and it turned out to be the best thing to happen this week so far. A uni friend and I were on our way back to the main campus after a lecture and we agreed we were in need of some refreshments. We saw a little café just across the road that we hadn't noticed before. It looked really cute from the outside, bright yellow, some balloons and a simple sign that we liked immediately:

Curiously, we entered. It turned out to be everything but an ordinary café, no, we stumbled into a brand new British pasty shop! The reason we hadn't noticed it before even though we pass the place on a weekly basis was because it had just opened a few hours ago. Lucky us! 
The owners are two really nice English men who immediately greeted us with their charmingly British accents. The first thing I noticed about the café was the size: The whole thing is tiny! It doesn't have any tables but a bench on one side of the room, opposite to the counter. The interior is amazing, you feel comfortable the second you get through the door: Red brick walls, old dark wood lightened up by a baby blue vintage looking counter. But see for yourself:

I regretted not being hungry because the pasties looked amazing! They have several vegetarian options and even one vegan version which of course makes the Tasty Pasty Company a must on my list of restaurants and cafés to try. Next time I will go for the vegan pasty for sure! Today, though, I only chose an iced tea. Not one of those boring, over-sugared beverages that taste more like a fizzy drink without the fizz, nope. This iced tea was light, not too sweet and tasted fantastic!

Shut up, it's not blurry, it's arty^^
It lasted me quite a while, I drank the rest in uni.

I asked the owners if I could take a few pictures for the blog and they happily agreed. In exchange they asked if they could take a picture of us with our drinks for the photo wall they are planning. What a lovely idea! They told us about their facebook page (which I liked as soon as I opened my laptop) and were just really nice and chatty in general. Oh, and they built everything themself! How cool is that?!

If you are from Cologne, give The Tasty Pasty Company a visit, it's well worth it!

This is their facebook, this is their wesbite, the adress is: 

Dürener Str. 64a
50931, Cologne

Have a great day!


  1. Sounds great! Did they have sweet pasties too? I love the pale blue counters too!

    I only discovered proper iced tea recently too! I hate bottled iced tea but I discovered fruity natural iced tea in T2 (the tea shop) in around December and had to get my own pack (including container to make and store it in) on sale at Christmas. The iced tea has saved me all summer! I like a mix of the pomegranante and fruit one and the sort of citrusy more bitter one, so it's not too sweet!

    1. As far as I could see they didn't ahve sweet pasties but it was only the very first day after all.

      Proper iced tea is the best thing, isn't it? I always have some in my fridge in summer (we have winter here right now though).

  2. Thank you so much for the great blog post - means a lot to us. You'll definitely get your face on the wall. Oh, and of course a wheatmeal pasty and ice tea of your choice ;)

    1. You are very welcome, I'll come back for sure and bring friends!

  3. What a cute place~

    Also, nice to see you back and blogging! <3