Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Home is wherever I'm with you

I'm back.

After a few months where I had to deal with a few private things I am now finally back and I intent to make the best of it. I missed blogging, I honestly did. Tomorrow the last week of this semester starts and I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again. I was hospitalised twice around Christmas and I had/have to work on some personal problems I am having but I don't only come to write about bad news, of course, life rarely is all bad: I have been elected as a member of the board of the Green Youth North-Rhine Westfalia in November! I didn't plan to candidate but when no suitable woman for the position was found (the board has to consist of at least 50% women) they asked me if I wanted to candidate. Not having prepared a speech of course, I got pretty nervous having to stand in front of over 100 people and talk about myself but what I said must have sounded alright because I was elected with a pretty socialistic result. Since then the Green Youth has kind of become my job (not that I am paid). I send dozens of emails every day, I have weekly phone conferences, monthly meetings, seminars, I write and/or amend press releases and invocations, I help organising seminars and of course the big meeting of all Green Youth members of NRW that takes place three times a year. It's a great honorary office, I am learning a lot and it gives my life a certain purpose. But of course it also means I don't have as much free time as I used to have but honestly, I spent way too much time in bed anyway.
So I am back. Because the blog keeps me active, it forces me to appreciate the beauty in life and in the world and I should have never abandoned it.

Speaking of beauty, the last few weeks have been cold but sunny and I managed to catch the sun doing pretty things a few times and I thought I'd share the results with you. I really need a proper camera...


Although I also shared these pictures on Instagram too, I didn't use a filter, nature has its own filters and they work way better than anything Instagram could ever come up with. By the way, if you have Instagram, feel free to leave your user name in the comments! I'm the_countess_of_fairytales there and @ThexGoodxFairy on Twitter.

I am really happy to be back and I will definitely catch up with my favourite blogs again, I really missed all of this, wow.

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. It is great you got elected. I am not really sure what the board is, but I think all the experience you get with the phones, emails, etc will propably be really useful experience for a future career!

    Those sunset pictures are beautiful! I love sunsets but my camera cannot capture them at all!

    1. Well, the Green Youth is the youth organisation of the Green Party. And just as the party itself every federate state has its own board aka people in the party/youth organisation who got elected by the members to speak on behalf of the members, to organise meetings, to help with questions, write press releases and just do all the stuff a board of a party does too.
      I don't know if it will be helpful, I'm becoming a teacher after all but I don't do it because of career reasons, I just think it's the right thing to do.

      I'm lucky, my phone captures colours quite well!