Sunday, 25 November 2012

Life Update and Creative Attempts

As I told you I am having a really stressful time at the moment but slowly everything is getting easier and better. My friends and my boyfriend are amazing, they always keep me in a good mood and are very supportive. Yesterday, the Count even came to an information stand we were having for the anti racism day next week, it made me really happy! This week was a good one, I got loads of things done and was even able to squeeze in some spare time activities.

On Tuesday I went to see Kafka's 'America' in a small rundown theater with my best friend, it was...strange. Strange but great. There were only four people on stage, 2 women and 2 men. They were dressed up as a mermaid, a show girl, a cowboy and a clwon in training trousers. Everyone except for the mermaid had dirt and smeared make-up all over them and those four played all the characters! often, more than one person played a character, they were speaking the same text at the same time and they constantly switched roles. There was singing and juggling and even magic tricks! It was awesome and definitely an evening I will never forget!
You can see some pictures on the website of the theater, I didn't take any. click me for pictures

In the evenings I did some crafting. It is nearly Christmas time and I love love love (!) Christmas so obviously I started working on my Christmas decorations:

Those ornaments will be part of my window decoation, along with other things. I am not really into traditional Christmas colours and motifs, my room is white, black, silver and pink so green and red would simply look terrible in there.

I also had to do something about my phone case. It was covered with a thin layer of black fake leather and now, after 8 months of living in my bag, it started to look really sad and damaged. I don't like spending a lot of money on something that is only there to cover my phone so i decided to get a little creative with the things I had lying around (aka a napkin).

And last but not least I made a candle!

It is completely made out of wax scraps from old candles, I only bought the jar. I like the idea of reusing things you wouldn't be able to use otherwise. I added a few drops of orange and patchouli oil ´to make the candle a little bit more special.

This is probably going to be a present for a dear friend of mine who likes selfmade stuff as much as I do.
I have this mad plan to make all of this years' presents myself... I don't have the time but who cares?! Most of them have to be ready at the 8th of December because my friends and I are having a Christmas meeting on that day and we are going to give each other our presents there already. It is a bit early but we are too many people with too many plans.

Do you like making or getting selfmade Christmas presents?

Have a great day,
The Countess.

PS: Blog post N° 100 and 40 followers, yay!


  1. I hope you will soon be able to beat the stress for good!
    Also loving your crafts. Making a load of presents by oneself is a huge task! (But a fun one as well.) I usually do some of the gifts myself, if inspiration strikes. (And I think I promised to sew a jacket as a gift for one of my friends... Oh dear..)

    1. A jacket? That is sooo cool! I cannot sew properly if it was for my life.
      Inspiration, yes, that is sooo important. Fortunately, I the muse touched me this year, I am making all the presents myself :)

  2. Wow! You are great at crafts, these look fantastic! I would be happy to get self-made presents from you, but I am not sure if most of the people in my family, or myself, could make nice things, I think there might be a lot of dodgy presents.

    I like getting people things from Etsy and that sort of thing that are made by artists and crafters, but most people in my family aren't into those sorts of things. Oh well, I can get them for myself when I have money :P

    1. Thank you so much!

      I love Etsy (and the German version called Dawanda) but my family isn't the type for thats tuff either. My friends would like many things from there but I really want to focus on creating as much on my own as possible. I do like buying there to treat myself, though!