Wednesday, 9 October 2013

#5- Munich

 This is Munich. It was very pretty but also really posh, very Bavarian and unfortunately really wet... We enjoyed it anyway.

My parasol/umbrella saved my day

Munich is full of churches, most of them are very pretty but I thiiiink they'd live if they had less fancy churches and more book stores/ record stores/ cheap cafés

The old town hall, it's truly one of the nicest town halls I have ever seen

I mean, just look at it

This church had a wonderful ceiling but VERY strict rules of behaviour. You weren't allowed to put your hands in your pockets...

The town hall...again

At some point the rain got too heavy and we had to save ourselves in the nearest Starbucks

I sooomehow forgot how most of the buildings are called or what their function is but it was wonderful anyway. A bit too posh maybe ;)

Have you ever been to Munich? Did you like it?

Have a great day,

The Countess


  1. Oh, that was so beautiful!
    I wish to see them myself one day ♥.

    1. It was indeed lovely, I just wished the weather had been nicer.

  2. Lovely Pictures despite the bad weather! :)

    *Greets from Munich*