Wednesday, 17 July 2013

About Social Networks and Stuff

Did I mention I'm addicted to the internet? 
Well, I am. 

I have a Facebook profile, 3 tumblr accounts, a Twitter (To be found here), an instagram account (the_countess_of_fairytales), a YouTube profile and this blog of course. I mostly use Facebook because I have a group of friends with whom I am in PM contact whenever we are awake. Actually, this goes for me and the internet in general: 
If I'm not online, I sleep or have uni in one of those rooms that have neither windows (yup, seriously...) or an internet connection. Other than that I'm pretty much online all the time.  I don't actively browse the whole time but even when I'm with friends I tend to check my emails (of which I get about 91827634567831920 a day since I became an active member in the Green Youth) or post a quick tweet or instragram picture. For some it's annoying but most of my friends are the same and I honestly enjoy it. 

The Count and I don't have much time together, we only see each other about once or twice a week so it's nice to stay in contact via Whatsapp or Facebook over the day to feel a little more connected. We just tell each other random little things that are happening or plans we have, what annoys us, what makes us laugh... 

Of course, I also read all news on the internet, mostly The Independent, The Guardian, the TAZ (German) and the Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (KSTA, a Cologne based local paper) but also random articles of other papers when they appear on my Facebook feed for example. I try to stay updated but sometimes I tend to forget it because I get lost in the wonders of the mighty internet. I tought myself how to stitch via YouTube, I get my ukulele tabs from various websites, I send a gazillion mails a day, I read other peoples' blogs and watch their YouTube videos about art, make-up, veganism, politics, everyday life and I don't even know what. At the moment I try to get better in calligraphy and I googled some pictures as inspirations.

What about you? What's your opinion on using the internet a lot? What do you do most when you're online (I know, the internet is for porn but I don't want to hear about that, thanks ;) )? Would you sometimes like to change the amount of time you spend online? I certainly do but look what I'm doing at the moment^^

Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. Your addiction to your internet is the same as my addiction to my phone and that is probably only because a) my laptop is too heavy to lug to school each day and b) my friends are more addicted to their phones.

    That said, I wish I wasn't so addicted. When I am on the internet or my phone- my attention shatters. I know I don't study as well, pay attention, get into that flow that really means good work is being done. But I'm not sure of how to cut back. My mind is addicted to the stimulation of conversation and it craves it when I put away my phone.

    But when I'm on the internet, I'll generally read through old blog posts. Look for new blogs. I have a pretty small sphere carved out of activities.

    What have you tried to cut back on internet use?

    1. Yeah, i use my phone a lot, too but mainly to be able to write Facebook messages and communicate over Whatsapp tbh. I haven't done anything to cut back really, I agreed to try and be online less when the Count and I meet up because he felt a bit ignored. That's working well so far but other than that, I enjoy my life as an internet addict.

  2. I'm always online via my smartphone. I use facebook and instagram. I read blogs almost every day.

    1. Same here, instagram turns me into such a pretentious shit, I take pictures of food and everything xD

  3. Blogs! I don't follow quite 300 anymore, I had to delete those that no longer update as I wasn't allowed to add anymore. My Sewing for Steampunk group on Facebook who give me soooooo much useful advice when I ask questions nearly every day. Messaging and talking on each other's pages with my friends and also my friends in other countries I never get to see. for someone who is quite behind on technology and a bit wary of it, Facebook has become quite a useful tool!

  4. I read blogs almost daily, I'm on Facebook, on Tumblr and on Instagram. I also have a Youtube account and I have found that Youtube and the internet in general are very useful for finding tutorials and teaching yourself new stuff. I taught myself how to sew on a button by watching a tutorial on the internet and then trying it myself.