Monday, 14 January 2013

Christmas presents

Hello everyone, it has been a while. I have no excuse. I haven't even been busy, I just did not get around to do a blog post. 

What will be going on in my life in the next weeks?

University started again this week but it is the last month of the semester so from Febuary on I will have two months without any classes. I do have to write two 20 pages long essays in that time which is something I am not exactly looking forward to but yay, 60 days without classes! 

Also, Karneval is almost there and I still don't have a costume. I want to go as a unicorn and I have already chosen some inspirational pictures from the mighty internet but I haven't bought any fabric and other supplies yet. I am really excited to look through all those amazing shiny, glittery, pastel-coloured fabric choices that are available in the sewing shops during Karneval!

What has been going on in my life the last days?

I made another new year's resolution: Read one book a week. 
I have realised that I didn't read many books over 2012, mainly because I read many many news articles, short stories and fanfictions on the internet. I don't want to stop reading those, I just want to make sure I read some books, too! 

I finally managed to take some photos of the Christmas presents some of my lovely friends gave me.

Anna gave me this really fun air refresher. It is called Anti Monster Spray and you are supposed  to spray it "under the bed and in any dark corners". It smells like lavender and fresh laundry and is simply amaaaaazing! I am afraid of the dark and I love lavender so this is a gift that really fits me.

Mariazell had this wonderful unicorn brooch custom made for me by a friend of hers. Isn't hat the cutest thing ever? She also gave me a really cool tulle ring which is really hard to photograph which is the reason why I cannot show it to you.

Rici made this really cool bracelet for me. My other girlfriends got the same in different colours so they are basically friendship bracelets, yay!

The weekend before Christmas, the Count, some friends and I went to Aachen to visit some very dear friends who study there. We went to the famous Aachen Christmas market where I wanted to buy this gorgeous silver ring. The stone is a black agate, my favourite stone of all time so I HAD to get it. Unfortunately, I didn't have wnough cash on me so the Count was nice enough to lend me some. Afterwards he refused to let me pay him back two days later he and gave the ring to me as an early Christmas present. We agreed not to give each other presents! Agh! I mean, I loved the idea but I had to get him a present the day before Christmas! Which was a Sunday, by the way... In the end, I made him a gift card to see a 3-D movie with me and as intended he used it to see The Hobbit (which was AWESOME!!!).

A few days ago, i decided to give myself a little present. I have wanted to get this necklace for weeks now but it is real silver and the bird is coated with real gold so it cost 20€ which is more than I normally spend on things such as jewellery because I am a poor Uni student who still lives at home.
I did buy it afterall because it is pure perfection! It suits me, my values, my view of the world and of course, my style.

Did you get any extra special presents?
Have a great day,
The Countess


  1. You got so many lovely christmaspresents! The unicorn is so cute :)

  2. I love the monster spray. Everybody should have a bottle of that somewhere, just in case. And the bird necklace is absolutely perfect, I would love it too. Even if it was a big investment, it will probably bring you more than enough joy to make up for it.

    1. The world would be much better if everyone had a monster spray, I'm sure about that!
      At the moment, I cannot find the necklace :( I hope that I just misplaced it but it is so very thin, I'm afraid it fell off my neck...

  3. Aww, such a cute presents!
    Also! Looking forward to that costume of yours, I bet it will be lots of fun :D.

    1. Thanks! I hope to find the time to make it as soon a possible!