Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Ok, so I LOVE the Young Avengers! I mean, a bunch of teenangers who decide to form a group of superheros because the real Avengers have disbanded? Awesome! 
What's even greater about the Young Avengers is the fact that two of them are a gay couple: Wiccan (Billy) and Hulkling (Teddy). Hulkling is a shapeshifter (and half Kree half Skrull, two alien species who fight against each other) and Wiccan is a mage. He basically changes the world by just wishing really hard which is pretty much the most amazing superpower ever!

"Dear Teddy,
you are without a doubt the best boyfriend in the entire world! You're kind. You're genereous. You threaten to maim people for me."

If you want to read more about Teddy and Billy, gay superheros in general or how it is a shame that this picture up there is the very first kiss between Billy and Teddy after 7(!) years of Young Avengers, just follow the source links.

Okay, well, back to me being a fangirl. 
When Youtube make up guru and artist Klaire de Lys posted a video with a tutorial for a winged eyeliner I immediately thought of Wiccan who has wings on his head band thingy.

Because I don't have anything better to do on a regular Wednesday than doing some sort of ridiculous make up I decided to recreate this look. 

Here is the original tutorial:

Here is my variation:

I kind of like the result, hip hip hooray for a Billy/Wiccan appreciation look!

How about you, do you read comic books? Or manga?

Have a great evening,

The Countess

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